Re: Setting window icons

On 02/23/01 Peter Korn wrote:
> The almost "standard" accessibility architecture these days (being that it's in
> the two existing system-level accessibility APIs that exist - Microsoft's
> Active Accessiblity and the Java Accessibility API) provides specific events
> for focus tracking and caret movement.  In addition, at least in the Java
> platform case, for objects that don't formally take the focus but are
> nontheless where keyboard input is going, like the flyweight components in the
> Swing JTabbedPane and the table cells in JTable, additional events are exposed
> for those.  With this "standard" suite of events, screen magnifiers are able to
> track pretty much everything interesting in applications.
> What are the scenarios in which you would want a specific interest spot beyond
> tracking caret and input location?

The focus on a GtkCList row, for example: there is no caret and no input
there, but it's the area that the user is interested to if he changes the
focus row with the keyboard. Also, caret movement is needed, but it depends
also in what coordinate system it is reported: if it is in characters/lines
in the text buffer it's useless for gmag; if it's is in pixel coordinates
it's useless for gspeech. We need both, IMHO.


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