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On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, Calum Benson wrote:


> Pavel Machek wrote:
> >
> > Great. I hate using mice. Hopefully gtk will get to the point when it
> > is possible to use it from keyboard...
> This is certainly the intention.  I'm currently testing several core
> GNOME apps for keyboard accessibility issues, and we've just started
> working on an accessibility API for Gtk which should ensure that
> Gtk/GNOME apps are (or can be made to be) accessible without a mouse, or
> with a screenreader or any other assistive technology.  
> We'll also be working with the maintainers of as many of the core GNOME
> apps as we can to help them make their apps more accessible. 
> Accessibility guidelines will be included in the GNOME styleguide when
> it appears, to help achieve this.

 It's nice to hear this.
> > Currently, applications such as glade do not use "underlined" letters
> > do not include underlined letters in their dialogs, because gtk does
> > not make it easy...
> Is it really that hard?  I haven't done anything too complex, but any
> dialogs I've designed and built with Glade "just work" when you add
> underlines to the widget labels.  (Except the notebook widget-- if you
> add underlines to notebook tabs, pressing Alt+label doesn't switch to
> that tab).  

 My be gtk+ bugzilla issue should be opened for this?
> So in many cases, keyboard accessibility could be improved just by
> taking the few minutes to ensure that all dialog controls have
> "underlined letter" access-- I'm sure a lot of developers don't do it
> just because they don't know it can or should be done.
> > Try to control ghex from keyboard, for example. When you are inside
> > editor/viewer, alt-f will not bring you to menu. In fact, I could not
> > figure out how to get to the menu.
> Same in gnotepad, unless you give focus to the status area first, which
> isn't exactly intuitive  :o)  (Plus you can only do that with the mouse,
> which rather defeats the purpose!)

 As for gnotepad - it's totally broken from i18n POV too (it doesn't allow
entering nonascii letters, even if they can be represented with a single
byte). It seems it's not "gnome-sertified" editor anymore - it's not present
in gnome CVS and is absent in Ximian packages.. Same for gxedit.. So it seems
it's better to forget about gxedit and gnotepad..

 Best regards,

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