Re: Release milestones, 1.2.9/2.0, and bugzilla

On 5 Feb 2001, Owen Taylor wrote:

> > I was actually logged in the first time, because it said "log out
> > alexl redhat com" in the lower right corner. But there must have been
> > some stale cookie or something also, because if when I removed all the
> > cookies and logged in it works.
> It works because I added you to the bugzilla maintainers group :-)

You did this now?

> I'm not sure why these bugs are only-viewable by the bugzilla maintainers
> group. I can't reproduce it here.
> Possibilities include:
>  - Some sort of bug in bugzilla
>  - You actually checked the "Must be in group XXX to view this bug" boxes
>    when submitting the bugs.

Well, I *have* been able to see these bugs before.

/ Alex

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