Re: GTK+ - text all mixed up in display...

Erwann Chenede <Erwann Chenede ireland sun com> writes:

> Hi Guys,
> This happened to me also when I was using an external fribidi to 
> compile pango. The solution is to configure pango without the option 
> --with-fribidi, after that everything works fine.
> I guess the mini-fribidi included in pango and the external fribidi have 
> different interfaces now. So should the --with-fribidi option be removed
> from pango ?

Hmmm. They _shouldn't_ have different interfaces - I don't know
whay that would be the case. I can investigate. It's possible
that my wrapper code around fribidi is just broken.

But in any case, there is no reason at all to use --with-fribidi,
unless there was a new version of FriBidi with extra features
you want to use. mini-fribidi should be just as good, and is
really tiny.

What version of FriBidi is this?


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