Re: adding docs/* to reference manual

On 31 Jan 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Hi,
> I think a lot of the stuff in docs/* should actually be in the
> reference manual so people know it exists and can read it without
> getting the GTK source tarball. Propose the following reference
> sections for starters:
>  - Compiling GTK; covers configure options, etc.
>  - GTK on embedded Linux; covers stuff from README.linux-fb, also
>    tips on stripping GTK down to smaller size, etc.
>  - GTK on Windows; any details of using it there
>  - Debugging; --gtk-debug flags (debugging.txt information)
>  - Changes in 1.2, 2.0, replacing the Changes-XX.txt files
>  - Memory management (updated refcounting.txt equivalent)
>  - Compiling GTK programs (covers pkg-config, debug defines
>    from debugging.txt, etc.)
>  - Running GTK apps; command line options parsed by gtk_init()
> I'll create the sections for these if we agree it's a good idea, and
> move debugging.txt Changes-2.0.txt etc. into them. Probably need Alex
> and Tor to do the linux-fb and win32 sections, but I can take care of
> setting up the SGML stuff so they just have to type.

I'll take care of the fb stuff. This all sounds like a very good idea.
Some of the stuff in docs/* is very good, and i think few people read it.

/ Alex

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