Re: Notebook Page Realization

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On Mon, 2001-12-17 at 09:03, Ciemier, Christopher E. (CCIEMIER) wrote:
> Hello GTK Developers,
> I am using Glade (version 0.5.9) to build a simple GUI that consists mainly
> of a one Notebook widget with multiple pages.  My issue is that when the
> software is executed, only the first notebook page is realized.  Subsequent
> pages are realized only after the user decides to view them by clicking on
> the associated tabs.  Since these pages contain "clists" that take
> significant time to load,  I want to have them loaded (via the realize
> callback) prior to the GUI being displayed.  That way, there is no delay
> when viewing the subsequent notebook pages.  
> Please note that gtk_main() is not called until after the Notebook widget is
> created (via the Glade method of generating GTK code)...  Also, I tried
> loading the clist on receipt of the "show" callback, but that didn't work.

You can add the data immediately after the call to create_windowXXX().
You don't need to add it in a signal handler.

Use lookup_widget() to get a pointer to the GtkCList, and add the data
there. The FAQ on may help.


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