Notebook Page Realization

Hello GTK Developers,

I am using Glade (version 0.5.9) to build a simple GUI that consists mainly
of a one Notebook widget with multiple pages.  My issue is that when the
software is executed, only the first notebook page is realized.  Subsequent
pages are realized only after the user decides to view them by clicking on
the associated tabs.  Since these pages contain "clists" that take
significant time to load,  I want to have them loaded (via the realize
callback) prior to the GUI being displayed.  That way, there is no delay
when viewing the subsequent notebook pages.  

Please note that gtk_main() is not called until after the Notebook widget is
created (via the Glade method of generating GTK code)...  Also, I tried
loading the clist on receipt of the "show" callback, but that didn't work.


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