Re: Undeprecated GdkFont in gdkgc.h

Jeff Franks <jcf tpg com au> writes:

> I just noticed that there are still a couple of undeprecated GdkFont's
> in gdkgc.h
> GdkGCValues has a GdkFont* member and gdkgc.h still declares the
> following function:
> void gdk_gc_set_font(GdkGC *gc, GdkFont *font);
> Will they be updated to deal with pango fonts or should they be ignored?

There will never be a PangoFontDescription as part of the GC, no. In fact,
gdk_gc_set_font was more or less discouraged for 1.2 as well, since it
didn't work for font sets, and thus didn't work for many languages.

We can't deprecate structure fields effectively, but since there is
no non-deprecated way of _getting_ a font, these operations are pretty
clearly deprecated by extensions.

I've now explicitely deprecated gdk_gc_set_font().


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