Re: GdkKeymap direction-changed signal query?

Jeff Franks <jcf tpg com au> writes:

>   Hi,
> GdkKeymapClass declares the direction_changed signal as:
> void (*direction_changed) (void);
> I know that GTK only supports one GdkKeymap which is used by calling:
> GdkKeymap*  gdk_keymap_get_default (void);

GTK+-2.2 will support multiple.
> but shouldn't the direction_changed signal still be declared as:
> void (*direction_changed) (GdkKeymap *keymap);

Yes, of course. (Though it's pretty much irrelevant - GdkKeymap isn't
publically derivable, and it is unlikely that the window-system
implementations would want a default handler.)

Fixing in CVS,

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