Re: fonts, the dillo browser, gtk 2.0

Michael Taht <mtaht mvista com> writes:
> I decided to take a stab at making the dillo web browser
> ( compile under gtk 1.3.x this afternoon. Most
> of it compiled with a very minimal set of changes, but as I haven't
> been keeping up with changes to GTK, I fell off the end of the world
> pretty fast, and have since been searching the FAQ and mailing lists
> with little success. I'm currently reading up on pango and looking in
> example code, but any help you can provide....
>  The biggest change in GTK 1.3.x seems to be the font handling. OK,
> style->font doesn't exist anymore. The doc says most of the functions
> that give you a GdkFont are depriciated, presumably replaced by pango
> versions. Is there anything resembling a cookbook for porting apps
> forward from 1.2.x to 1.3.x?

There's this guide that might be useful:


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