Re: real cross-platform bugs

> testgtk::toolbar
>   same resizing problem as with 'handle box', but worse due
>   to the window size ...

I poked around this a bit and found out the following:

When the vertical button is pressed, we end up calling
gtk_window_move_resize on the toplevel, then

In that function, the call to gtk_window_compute_configure_request_size
returns the old dimensions of the window,

the call to gtk_window_compute_hints puts the new size request dimensions
as min hints into new_geometry,

and the call to gtk_window_constrain_size then grows the height to
the min hints, but leaves the large width untouched, since there is no max

I guess its up to Havoc to tell how this should work (I guess either
gtk_window_compute_configure_request_size must return the newly requested
dimensions or gtk_window_compute_hints must set max hints == min hints).


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