Re: shared library dependencies (again)

On 28 Apr 2001, Owen Taylor wrote:

> The basic issue is that included modules must be built before 
> pango as convenience libraries and then linked into libpangox,
> etc. While modules built as dlloaded modules must, with James's
> change, be built _after_ libpangox so they can depend on
> libpangox.
> Yet, the set of included modules is specified at configure time,
> and this is useful a feature I don't want to lose. 
> My only idea right now, is to make generate a shadow
> symlinked copy of modules/ as included-modules/, have both
> of these appear in the toplevel SUBDIRS, and use some hackery
> to get different AM_CONDITIONAL defines defined in the two
> trees. 

	How 'bout if you remove "module" directory (and perhaps also the dir
containing libpangox) from the SUBDIRS line (but keep it in DIST_SUBDIRS or
whatever that variable's called).  Then add something like the following:

# Build pango compiled-in modules
	$(MAKE) -C modules modules-builtin

# Build pango dynmaic modules
	$(MAKE) -C modules modules-dynamic

dnl Okay, this goes somewhere else if you're using Automake, but I think you
dnl get the idea...
all: modules-builtin libpangox modules-dynamic


	Admittedly, I haven't looked into the tree recently, so I don't know
how well this will actually work.  However, I /think/ it will solve your

- Bibek

> (This sounds like utter hell to get working reliably with 
> sourcedir != builddir, etc, but not completely impossible.)
> > These changes will benefit any programs that dlopen libgtk (or indirectly
> > through a module linked to libgtk) without the RTLD_GLOBAL flag.  This is
> > mainly language bindings, but there may be some other cases as well.
> Well, the other big improvement we can get out of libtool-1.4 and
> dependencies on uninstalled libraries is that GTK+ may actually
> work on AIX (and BeOS, I guess) without manual makefile modification.
>                                         Owen

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