Re: gtk_image_new*() and GTK_IMAGE_EMPTY

Vitaly Tishkov wrote:

> Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > There is no concept of an invalid GtkImage. It's totally valid to have
> > a GtkImage that's empty. It's the same as a GtkLabel with no text.
> >
> OK. I see now, thanks. I assume that notion about GTK_IMAGE_EMPTY should be added to
> the documentatation. I've just filed #53803.

One more point though.

I've looked into GdkImage.

Docs for gdk_image_new() says
"Returns : a new GdkImage, or NULL if the image could not be created. "

gtk_image_new_from_file() _always_ returned not null even if the image can't be loaded

Is that really OK?


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