Re: Win32 Building

At 17:41 19.04.01 -0400, Michael Mitton wrote:
>Ok...  I've been trying to get the latest and greatest version compiled on
>Win32 for a while now without success.  At this point, I've got everything
>up to GDK/GTK+ compiled and running: Free-Type, pkg-config, libiconv, glib,
>and pango.  GTK+ doesn't like to configure tho.
But the other required packages all do ?

>The configure script appearently isn't supported for Win32 yet.  If I
>attempt to figure that out (ie. Add a --with-target=win32 with everything
>working), can that patch be applied to the cvs?
I've almost tried to avoid the configure configuration, cause it requires
to learn two more "languages". Additionally IHMO the auto* approach does
not fit the windoze development environment very well, i.e.:
- there is no common directory structure (usr/local/include /opt ...)
- there should be no hardcoded pathes in the win32 binaries
- the 'native' compiler (msvc) is much faster (factor 3) and common than 
  gcc (though it has it's very own limitations like maximum static string
  size of 64 K ...)

>In the meantime, can somebody please give me a run down of what is needed,
>the process, and any hints they can offer?
The gtk+ win32/msvc build is probably almost working one day every week 
(short after my commits :). The gcc/mingw makefiles are a little outdated, 
but it should be straightforward to update them (adapting the changes from
either or makefile.msc to makefile.mingw) if you have setup an
appropriate mingw build environment. More info available at tml's gtk/win32

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