Re: glib (2.0) fixes and darwin porting

Hi Dan,

> OK, the patch mostly works, but needs several more sets of square
> brackets in the right places to make autoconf pass the []s in the
> regexps through. 

Oops, yes, m4 is kind of mysterious sometimes.

> I've tested my patched patch against Darwin (where it correctly gives the
> warning message) 

Is there no -D_REENTRANT (or equivalent) on Darwin? Or is there no
localtime_r? Should we specialcase that? (Darwin probably can be used thread

> and NetBSD (where it correctly doesn't), so I think it's good.

I commited it.

> So is it ok to commit this and the other patches? (Should I wait for
> someone else to say something about the gmodule stuff?)

File a bug report. GModule is Tims domain.

Sebastian Wilhelmi
mailto:wilhelmi ira uka de

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