Re: plug/socket and Win32

>  - Simply provide a separate gtk/plug.c gtksocket.c for each platform
>    that implements embedding. The amount of code that would be shared
>    between platforms is probably minimal.

Having separate bodies (implementation) files is probably fine, as long
as the spec (header file) is the same.

> My plan at the current time is to simply remove the current
> Win32 code from Plug/Socket, since I don't think #ifdefs
> are the right way to make it portable in any case. If the
> code is needed in the future, it can be retrieved from 
> CVS.
> So, I'd appreciate hearing what your thoughts are, if any, in
> terms of getting plug/socket working on Win32.

I believe windows has all the capabilities needed to make this very useful
capability working.


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