plug/socket and Win32

I'm working currently on some major changes to plug/socket on
X11, and wanted to get some advice on the handling of Win32.

I've basically always considered Plug/Socket to be X-specific
code, and certainly they are that way now, except that at
some point, a bit of non-functioning Win32 code was added to

I don't have a good sense of whether full-featured plug/socket
like embedding is possible on Win32; I remember seeing at
some point that it wasn't part of the then-current version
of Tk but they had ideas about how to do it in the future.

There are various ways to approach handling cross-platform
portability issues for GTK+:

 - Try to move the platform specific parts to GDK. The trouble
   with this is that the protocol on X11 is quite high-level
   and contains such toolkit-dependent notions as accelerators,
   modality, sensitivity, and so forth.

 - Simply provide a separate gtk/plug.c gtksocket.c for each platform
   that implements embedding. The amount of code that would be shared
   between platforms is probably minimal.

My plan at the current time is to simply remove the current
Win32 code from Plug/Socket, since I don't think #ifdefs
are the right way to make it portable in any case. If the
code is needed in the future, it can be retrieved from 

So, I'd appreciate hearing what your thoughts are, if any, in
terms of getting plug/socket working on Win32.


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