Re: keynav issues

Dennis Bjorklund wrote:
> I miss entries for copy/paste. In windows one can use ctrl-c/ctrl-v but
> also the (more) intuitive ctrl-insert/shift-insert. One alread uses that
> part of the keyboard for selection with shift-home and such things.

You're quite right, gtk text widgets etc. ought to support clipboard

However, I figured that Copy and Paste are operations that you might
want to assign your own keybindings to, either at the application level
(by dynamically reassigning them on the Edit menu) or a desktop level
(by changing themes), and if you did that you'd probably want those new
keybindings to apply at the widget level too.  That's my excuse anyway 

I could certainly suggest default keybindings in the document, but I was
trying to focus on things that should pretty much remain the same
regardless of theming issues etc.


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