Re: Portability and distribution with Gtk+ 1.3

> Looks like you can use a GDK_PIXBUF_MODULEDIR environment variable to tell
> an app where the pixbuf loaders are.  There are probably similar env vars
> for pango and IM modules.

Let's hope that proper documentation (user's guide in this case) will
also be included (if not already done, I could only find a partial
reference manual for pango for instance, no user's guide with this kind
of info).

> Yes, this is more complex than gtk 1.2 was, but that is because gtk 2.0
> offers a lot more functionality than 1.2.

Yes, but on the other hand, gtk 2.0 should not require this whole complexity
for people that did not ask for it and are only interested in the capabilities
provided in 1.2. Of course those people could stick with 1.2 and indeed that's
probably what will happen at first, but then when you need bug fixes
and need to use new widgets, you have no choice but to update to gtk+ 2.0.


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