Re: cross compile

>>>>> "srlytle" == srlytle list <srlytle_list yahoo com> writes:

> i had to cross-compile glib for mercury computer machine. i looked
> quite a bit and didn't find any real suggestions on how to do
> this. there was supposed to be a site.conf file or something that
> you could use to override values, but i couldn't get it to work
> (plus, this assumed that i would be able to figure out which values
> to use).

The file you are talking about is $(prefix)/share/
This is the standard autoconf behaviour. This file is a not more than
a shell script with standard value you can define. If, for example,
you have your cross-compile tools put in /usr/arm-unknown-linux-gnu.
Define a file in
/usr/arm-unknown-linux-gnu/share/ with the CC, CXX, LD, RANLIB,
AR, AS, NM, ORHER_BINUTILS pointing to those in
/usr/arm-unknown-linux-gnu/bin, or to those in

Note that arm-unknown-linux-gnu is taken as an example and I am not
sure it does even exist.

> 2. the real problem is that configure wants to test the runtime
> (compiling short .c programs and running them eg to find the size
> of a char), which doesn't work when build_host != target. i
> created a modified autoconf that called a script instead of 
> running the executable directly, and used expect/telnet/rsh to run the
> executable.

It is important to look at which test are doing this and placing
correct default values for them as the last parameter of the related
AM_ or AC_ macro in

> if you are interested in this approach i could send you the autoconf
> patch and the scripts i used.

It might be good for the main GTK+ distribution to have this too.
Otherwise it will be a problem for all the people who will try to
cross-compile it for a platform that is known to support GTK+


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