Re: cross compile

i had to cross-compile glib for mercury computer machine. i looked
quite a bit and didn't find any real suggestions on how to do
this. there was supposed to be a site.conf file or something that
you could use to override values, but i couldn't get it to work
(plus, this assumed that i would be able to figure out which values
to use).

my approach was to:

1. defined environment vars so configure found the correct cc etc.

2. the real problem is that configure wants to test the runtime
(compiling short .c programs and running them eg to find the size
of a char), which doesn't work when build_host != target. i
created a modified autoconf that called a script instead of 
running the executable directly, and used expect/telnet/rsh to run the

this worked great. i assume that it would work ok for gtk etc as well.
one complication is that some values are written to a file (my
host/target could see the same nfs fs, so wasn't an issue for me),
but i think an extra couple of lines in the script could work around

if you are interested in this approach i could send you the autoconf
patch and the scripts i used.


> I need to create the gtk+ libraries for the strongarm processor.
> What are the arguments to configure for compiling for the sa1100 arm
> processor?
> glib, pango and gtk+

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