Re: win32-development

Hi Michael,

	You can develop Gtk+/Glib apps on Win32 just fine with Cygwin (get it
from As you know GIMP runs on windows and depends on those two libs
. However, You will NOT be able to compile Gtk::Perl on Win32, Lupus haven't
tried yet but some people said they wre trying to get it to compile, dunno if
any of that happened yet.

PS. Surprised you never told me you wanted to port Pronto to Win32, heehe.


On Fri, 06 Apr 2001 14:25:02 -0700, Michael Clifford said:

> Hello everyone,
>  I am interested in writing and possibly porting some apps from linux
>  using glib libraries to a native win32 environment. My sole focus being
>  on porting the email application pronto to win32. Does anyone know of a
>  good documentation project or any documentation at all on
>  building/compiling and using glib on the win32 platform? I would
>  appreciate any help.
>  cliffom
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>  Michael Clifford
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