GLib-1.2.10 Released

GLib-1.2.10 is now available from:

This is a very minor bug-fix release which is binary and source
compatible with GLib-1.2.9.

About GLib

GLib is a library of support routines for C programming used
by the GTK+ toolkit, by the GNOME desktop environment, and
quite a few other projects. It includes data structures
such as lists and hash tables, an event loop, a portable
dynamic module loading mechanism, and many utility functions
for increased portability and convenience.

GLib is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Overview of Changes in GLib 1.2.10

* Fix compilation problem on some compilers where 
  g_log_domain_gmodule was not being declared properly.

Installation Note

Between GLib-1.2.8 and GLib-1.2.9, the include files for GLib
have been moved to $(includedir)/gtk-1-2/ to allow parallel installations
of GLib-1.2 and GLib-2.0 to work correctly. If you are installing
on top of an old installation of GLib, you should remove the files:


Before running 'make install'. Some other libraries that depend
on GLib may also hard-code the GLib header file location into
their configuration files and may need to be rebuilt to work
correctly with GLib-1.2.10.

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