Re: New keybindings draft

Tim Janik wrote:
> haven't checked the new version yet, but recently skimmed over the
> old one. aparently it was missing to mention that menu item
> accelerators can be altered by pressing a new accelerator
> while the menu item is highlighted.
> to be technically correct, that only works for keys other than
> those listed in gtkaccelgroup.c:gtk_accelerator_valid() and
> GDK_Delete, GDK_KP_Delete and GDK_BackSpace have the special
> meaning of just removing the old accelerator.

I think this is a very non-user friendly feature of gtk
and should be turned off for non techie users.

If you are in the File menu and you accidentally press
"Alt-F" (to get to the file menu) you assign that key to
the selected item, this has happened to me a couple of
times where i assign Alt-F to the exit item. It becomes
pretty annoying.

This can be a big problem for a newbie since he has no clue
what is going on. Personally i don't believe people shuold be
able to set accelerators for their application, things work
much better if there is one place where we define this.


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