Re: BeOS Diffs #1

"David Reid" <dreid jetnet co uk> writes:

> Folks,
> Here is the first of a series of patches for glib that allow it to 
> build on BeOS.
+#ifdef G_OS_BEOS
+#include <kernel/OS.h>
What are you including this for? In general, we try to include
as few system headers as possible, to avoid getting random
conflicts, though there is some precedent for the Win32 port
of including system headers to make the environment more "unixy".
> The giounix.c patch may seem strange but I couldn't see any other easy 
> way of telling it to use a different file, though I guess if you feel 
> that's cleaner then it can be done.

automake conditionals are the right way to do this. Also, I'd be
interested in seeing what is actually in giobeos.c...


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