Re: [Fwd: Move basic signal system into glib]

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, Sergey N. Yatskevich wrote:

> >  Yes, GtkObject will be moved to glib and will become GObject - it's planned
> > in the next version of gtk/glib (1.4.0 or 2.0 - the version number is not yet

the version number of the next stable release of gtk/glib is
very decidedly going to be 2.0 ;)

> >  As for now - you can link with gtk but don't use any gui functions and
> > derive you classes from GtkObject (though I don't know whether it will work if
> > you didn't call gtk_init() that requires a display) - but it's easiliy can be
> > hacked.
> This is what I do now, but I don't like use GUI lib when I don't need
> GUI.
> >  Also, if all you need is something like signal system and don't want to
> > do class inheritance in C, use C++ and use something like hashes of lists
> > (with signal name as key) to simulate multiplie handlers for same signal.
> I need develop application in C (and I like C :-))), I very like Gtk+
> object system, and I wish to use as many of it core features as
> possible.

the GType/GObject/GParam/GValue stuff is already there for
the most part in CVS HEAD. it's certainly mature enough to
play around with. the GSignal code is still hiding in my
local tree, since i haven't yet gotten all the bits and
quirks of it right.

> I can wait for signal support in GObject, but I wish to be sure that it
> will be there.

for the time being, you may just link your application against
gtk+, 1.2.x even, surpass gtk_init() and call gtk_type_init()
and gtk_signal_init() instead.
that provides you with GtkObject and the gtk signal system,
which GObject and GSignal are pretty similar to.
support for the GtkSignal (plus some minor extensions) will
soon go into CVS. the only thing you probably wouldn't
want to use too extensively is the GtkArg system, it's
going to be completely replaced by GParam/GValue (module
some crippled compatibility cruft).

> -- 
> Sergey N. Yatskevich <syatskevich n21lab gosniias msk ru>


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