[Fwd: Move basic signal system into glib]

>  Yes, GtkObject will be moved to glib and will become GObject - it's planned
> in the next version of gtk/glib (1.4.0 or 2.0 - the version number is not yet
> decided). You can download snapshots of them somewhere.
Current version of glib (1.3.1) don't include signal support for GObject

>  As for now - you can link with gtk but don't use any gui functions and
> derive you classes from GtkObject (though I don't know whether it will work if
> you didn't call gtk_init() that requires a display) - but it's easiliy can be
> hacked.
This is what I do now, but I don't like use GUI lib when I don't need

>  Also, if all you need is something like signal system and don't want to
> do class inheritance in C, use C++ and use something like hashes of lists
> (with signal name as key) to simulate multiplie handlers for same signal.
I need develop application in C (and I like C :-))), I very like Gtk+
object system, and I wish to use as many of it core features as

I can wait for signal support in GObject, but I wish to be sure that it
will be there.

Sergey N. Yatskevich <syatskevich n21lab gosniias msk ru>

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