Re: List/tree widgets and keyboard navigation

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Calum Benson wrote:

> None of the apps I've used in the GNOME environment seem to allow you to
> select an item in a list by typing the first few letters of its name
> (when the list has focus), so I assume it's not supported at the widget
> level... are there any plans to add this functionality to the standard
> GTK tree/list widgets? 
> It's really rather a useful feature, when you know what you're looking
> for in a big list-- much quicker than scrolling, and it means you don't
> have to take your hands off the keyboard.  (It also has beneficial
> implications for people who are unable to use a mouse.)

Indeed, we were hoping to add that feature to the file dialog, not
realizing it doesn't exist at the widget level.  I suppose it could be
wrapped on somehow, but it really ought to be the widgets job.


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