Re: g_type_query necessary

Oskar Liljeblad <osk hem passagen se> writes:

> A g_type_query (as in gtk_type_query) is necessary for the Java bindings
> of GTK+. This is because the size of a class is used when replacing the
> class structure (to allow subclassing).
> Are there any plans to reintroduce a g_type_query or similar function,
> or is there another way to retreive size of a class?

It is almost certainly planned - but Tim is the only person
who really knows the exact plans for the type system and
he has been pretty busy recently.  

When he gets a chance to read his mail, I'm sure he'll confirm
that this is indeed the case.

(Though I don't really understand how you can subclass the class
structure very well without knowing details about the class like where
the function pointers for the virtual functions are.) 


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