Re: Broken i18n and the new UI handler.

egger suse de writes:

>  Indeed. This is something that's really missing in bonobo currently:
>  Easy translation from normal Gtk+ apps over to bonobo components.
>  Assuming that the application is properly writte without using global
>  variables and such the above could really work and easy the programming
>  of components quite a lot.

Even if you had the nice menu merging abstraction, it would still not
be trivial.

For example, right now it is very simple to export a widget as a
Bonobo control.  You just do

	GtkWidget *my_widget;
	BonoboControl *control;

	my_widget = gtk_my_widget_new ();

	control = bonobo_control_new (my_widget);
	if (!control) {
		g_message ("Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek");
		exit (EXIT_FAILURE);

That could be the contents of your control factory function.  That's
all you need to do.

Still, such a thing would probably not be very interesting.  You want
to have a nice IDL description of the interfaces your control
supports.  If it is an image viewer control, you want to have a way to
set the image, change the zoom factor, and do other stuff.

I.e. making GTK+ apps be Bonobo-enabled is not just a matter of
throwing some widgets to the world.  You also need to have useful
interfaces to them.


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