Re: Broken i18n and the new UI handler.

On 11 Sep, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> The buzzword-enabled description of this feature is that GTK+ has
> "native support for embedded controls" and we can say that a
> full-blown Bonobo control with menus genuinely requires no extra
> coding over a standard GTK+ widget, because all widgets can add menus.
> Sketching how this would work:
>  /* For creator of the content area */
>  GtkMenuBlob *blob = gtk_menu_blob_new (xml_string);
>  gtk_widget_set_menu_blob (my_content_area, blob); 
>  /* For embedder of the content area: MDI, Bonobo container, GnomeApp, 
>     whatever */
>  GtkMenuBlob *blob = gtk_widget_get_menu_blob (content_area);
>  if (blob)
>    /* merge blob in */;
> Bonobo just proxies the blob across the wire, so Bonobo controls work
> just like any other widget.
> This gives us a really sweet abstraction layer and makes Bonobization
> or componentization of a properly-written GTK+ app a two-line patch.
> Since GTK+ needs a new menu API whatever you do in Bonobo, I will
> probably end up having to implement this anyway, it would just be far
> cooler for GNOME and less tiresome all around to integrate with
> Bonobo.

 Indeed. This is something that's really missing in bonobo currently:
 Easy translation from normal Gtk+ apps over to bonobo components.
 Assuming that the application is properly writte without using global
 variables and such the above could really work and easy the programming
 of components quite a lot.


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