gdk and vnc server/viewer at 16 bpp weirdness


 Have anybody used vnc server for X (running at 16 bpp, commandline option
'-depth 16') viewed with vncviewer (for any platform) running at 16 bpp too
(same commandline switch). I tried rather lot of combinations of vnc
server for X/(viewer,platform) and on all of them images that are displayed 
using gdk (probably using imlib, but I can be wrong) are displayed
totally incorrectly - some junk (looking like white noise + color) without any
similarity to the original images. It's not a bug in vnc software since qt and
motif apps look fine at showing pictures (netscape, kview). It seems there is
a nasty bug in gdk. More information: gcolorsel shows right colors, only
areas that were drawn by copying pixmap are broken (root window's image,
enlightnement's decorations, and (if pixmap theme is selected) every gtk 
widget. I've tried various versions of Xvnc (including most recent 3.3.3r1)
and vncviewer for X and Windows - both show the same. I used gtk-1.2.6 on
RH6.2 on x86.

 I've attached screenshot of gpanel. The current gtk theme is SatinBlack, so
everything should be dark shades of gray on the shot, but it looks like some
noise (though gradients are seen).

 Have anybody reported anything?
 Best regards,

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