Hi Owen,

> 1999-03-15  Sebastian Wilhelmi  <wilhelmi ira uka de>
>         * glib.h Added G_(U)?(SHORT|INT|LONG)_FORMAT for consistency. It
>         however makes no sense to also provide G_(FLOAT|DOUBLE)_FORMAT, as
>         they are different for printf (f for both) and scanf (f for float,
>         lf for double). Defining G_INT_FORMAT makes sense however, as we
>         might want to define gint to something different than int someday
>         in the future. Idea from Sascha Brawer <sb adasys ch>.
> These were apparently added right after glib-1.2. I'd like
> to remove them.

Ok, I'll remove them. I actually don't care at all for those macros.
> b) We will NOT define gint to anything other than int.

What about 'typedef double gint'. That would make programming adventurous

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