Re: gnome_i18n_get_language_list -> g_i18n_get_language_list

>       read_aliases ("/usr/share/locale/locale.alias");
>       read_aliases ("/usr/local/share/locale/locale.alias");
>       read_aliases ("/usr/lib/X11/locale/locale.alias");
>       read_aliases ("/usr/openwin/lib/locale/locale.alias");


I'm guessing that's supposed to be "system locale.alias file", "the
other place the GNU gettext locale.alias file is likely to be if it's
not in /usr/share", "the X locale.alias file if you're on Linux", and
"the X locale.alias file if you're on Solaris".

The first is probably correct enough. The second should be computed by
autoconf using code based on AM_GTK_GETTEXT, or perhaps "gettext
--help | sed -ne 's/^Standard search directory: //p'". The
third/fourth should also be autoconfed, using the discovered X prefix
rather than just likely guesses.

-- Dan

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