Gtk API inconstencies

During the process of making Gtk bindings for Java I have
discovered some minor API inconsistencies in Java. I'd be
nice if they were correct, if possible...

* Class type and object type structures are inconsistent.

  - GtkAspectFrameClass.parent_class or GtkAspectFrame.frame
    parent_class in GtkAspectFrameClass should be GtkFrameClass
    (not GtkBinClass) or frame in GtkAspectFrame should be GtkBin
    (not GtkFrame).

* Wrong type of field:

  - GdkGCValues.clip_mask
    Type should be GdkBitmap, not GdkPixmap (see gdk_gc_set_clip_mask

* The specified parameter/return types should be gboolean (not
  gint or guint), because they are treated as such.

	function				argument index

	gtk_combo_set_value_in_list		2nd and 3rd
	gtk_combo_set_use_arrows		2nd
	gtk_combo_set_use_arrows_always		2nd
	gtk_combo_set_case_sensitive		2nd
	gtk_progress_set_show_text		2nd
	gtk_color_selection_set_opacity		2nd
	gtk_calendar_mark_day			return
	gtk_calendar_unmark_day			return
	gtk_text_set_word_wrap			2nd
	gtk_tree_set_view_lines			2nd
	gtk_menu_item_configure			2nd and 3rd
	gtk_widget_intersect			return
	gtk_toolbar_set_tooltips		2nd
	gtk_pixmap_set_build_insensitive	2nd
	gtk_widget_event			return
	GtkWidget.event signal			return
	GtkWidget.button_press_event		return
	GtkWidget.button_release_event		return
	GtkWidget.motion_notify_event		return
	GtkWidget.delete_event			return
	GtkWidget.destroy_event			return
	GtkWidget.expose_event			return
	GtkWidget.key_press_event		return
	GtkWidget.key_release_event		return
	GtkWidget.enter_notify_event		return
	GtkWidget.leave_notify_event		return
	GtkWidget.configure_event		return
	GtkWidget.focus_in_event		return
	GtkWidget.focus_out_event		return
	GtkWidget.map_event			return
	GtkWidget.unmap_event			return
	GtkWidget.property_notify_event 	return
	GtkWidget.selection_clear_event 	return
	GtkWidget.selection_request_event	return
	GtkWidget.proximity_in_event		return
	GtkWidget.proximity_out_event		return
	GtkWidget.visibility_notify_event	return
	GtkWidget.client_event			return
	GtkWidget.no_expose_event		return
	GtkRange.timer signal			return
	GtkRange.trough_keys signal		return
	gnome_canvas_get_color			return

Oskar Liljeblad (

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