Re: [Bugfix] Mergesort used in clist


On 2000-09-01, Owen Taylor <> wrote:
> 1.2.9 will probably be in the next month or so, but not real soon.
> You should probably try to work around the bug.

Okay. Inserting "GTK_CLIST(clist)->row_list->prev = NULL;" after each call
to gtk_clist_sort() seems to do the trick for now.

> Yes, the bugtracker is far from ideal. We are planning to upgrade to
> bugzilla at some point in the near future.

Good to hear that this point is being dealt with.

> We are also migrating that in the new future to a new system which has
> real mbox format with all headers; you can see a prototype at:

I tried it and think it's definitely useful. Thanks for the pointer.

>> What am I doing wrong? If my application crashes and I get the impression
>> that a GTK problem is involved, how can I check this without spending
>> hours?
> Well, 99% of the time it isn't a GTK+ problem... you just got unlucky (at
> least with stable versions of GTK+.)

I'll take your word for that. I guess I was just getting a little
frustrated, as I only started hacking on GNOME applications and already
had two crashes because of bugs in gnome-libs 1.2.x and now one because of
this problem with GTK 1.2.8. It seems Murphy's Law applied here.

> Asking on gtk-list can be an effective strategy, especially if you have
> some code to show.

I'll do this the next time (and probably, it's going to be my own mistake
then ;).

Kind regards,
    Thomas Schultz

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