Re: Submenu arrow patch (Was: Re: Submenu navigation status?)

Thus spake Owen Taylor:
> I seem to remember that you
> had another patch for switching the side of the arrow for
> submenus. When I looked at it, you could get that to do strange things
> with torn off menus and expose events, but it mostly looked pretty
> reasonable. Do you have that or an updated version around somewhere?
> (I probably can dig it up out of my mail if necessary.)

Yup -- I submitted that one before noticing the torn-off menus
problem. Could you elaborate on the expose event strangeness? If you
cover/expose it, it would point in the wrong direction?

Now that submenu nav is taken care of, I'll fix this up.
I guess I need to include a re-calculation of the direction for when
a torn-off menu is moved? Or every expose event?
We'll see....

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