Re: gnome_i18n_get_language_list -> g_i18n_get_language_list

On  1 Sep, Owen Taylor wrote:

>>  I'm sure that this *could* introduce some problems when it's not
>>  properly implemented but since GNU gettext is buggy as hell and
> really? details?

 Oh please, really everyone knows it. In fact I haven't seen any system
 which worked correctly with all software using gettext. The auto* system
 is broken. The implementation is not threadsafe and breaks on many systems.
 It has severe limitations using multiple catalogs at once. setlocale(...)
 doesn't work as documented on some systems, on others not at all.
 Have you tried to read the source? It's a mess. Have you tried to find a
 bug? Impossible. 

 Sure it's nice to have it but it has severe limitations. If you want
 to discuss its brokeness please refer to, I'm sure Marc can
 tell you quite a lot....

> The point is not that it might misimplement getting the locale
> from the environment; the point is that a program could 
> legitimately do:
>  setlocale (LC_ALL, "ja_JP.ujis");
> instead of:
>  setlocale (LC_ALL, NULL);
> and might expect glib to honor that.

 Just curious: Does this work for you? For me not... also I can't read
 the current parameters...



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