Re: gnome_i18n_get_language_list -> g_i18n_get_language_list writes:

> On 31 Aug, Owen Taylor wrote:
> >> This will allow us to drop the last GNOME dependency from gnome-vfs. 
> > Well, probably it can go in, but not exactly verbatim.
> > First, I have an I'm a bit hesitant about the fact that it 
> > uses the environment rather than setlocale() to determine the
> > language list. 
>  I'm sure that this *could* introduce some problems when it's not
>  properly implemented but since GNU gettext is buggy as hell and

really? details?

>  the other gettext implementations are quite a bit different, I
>  wouldn't generally say that this is a bad idea at all.... 

The point is not that it might misimplement getting the locale
from the environment; the point is that a program could 
legitimately do:

 setlocale (LC_ALL, "ja_JP.ujis");

instead of:

 setlocale (LC_ALL, NULL);

and might expect glib to honor that.


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