Re: Using GParam in GtkTLCell.

Mikael Hermansson <> writes:
> This is not an answer to your Question but when you talk about 
> this I came up with another idea.(Well I'm mean Havoc's idea :-)
> Do you have any plans to implement an TAG parser like the one Havoc suggested
> to
> use in GtkLabel?
> for example "<underline>text</underline>"? 

Hmm, we could maybe implement:

PangoLayout* pango_layout_new_from_markup (const char *markup,
                                           GError    **error);

Then use this throughout GTK when a PangoLayout is being used for
rendering a single paragraph of text (should be GtkLabel, tree cells,
maybe some other places).

The markup tags can just straightforwardly correspond to pango
text attributes.
> Because it would be great to have this syntax also in TLView cells.
> If I'm correct there are plans to add Havoc's parser routines to glib?

No comments on those yet (well, Owen watched me implement it so
presumably isn't opposed, no thoughts from Tim).


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