Re: PATCH: Arrows in spin button do not get redrawn if adjustment changes

Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> writes:

> [ This has been sitting in my drafts folder for a while - I don't
>   think there is any reason except for inattention that I didn't send
>   it. ]

No problem; it is not a major bug anyways.

> It's OK to commit; please commit to both the stable and head branch.


> It looks like to me that it also doesn't redraw the arrows when the
> value is changed, so that probably needs to be fixed as well.

Done as well.

We should have another release in the 1.2 series soon, I think; there
are some very important fixes on CVS that are not on 1.2.8:  64-bit
fixes, clist merging, submenu navigation, single shm segment for


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