Re: Gmodule stuff.

On Thu, 23 Nov 2000, Sebastian Wilhelmi wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> Would you mind, if I checked in the proposed patch of

seems ok, however, the section

+   if (handle == PROG_HANDLE)
+     {
+       handle = NULL;
+     }

should come with a comment of _why_ we use NULL instead of PROG_HANDLE on

> It seems rather obvious. The only part, that might need more attantion is,
> that HP-UX seems to require '.sl' instead of '.so' (Thats at least, what
> ltconfig implies). So we  could add a macro with the proper ending to
> glibconfig.h like one of (maybe better without the dot?):

> #define G_MODULE_SUFFIX ".so"
> #define G_MODULE_SUFFIX ".sl"
> #define G_MODULE_SUFFIX ".dll"

i think having them without the dot would be better.

> Does that make sense?
> BTW: what about moving testgmodule to glib/tests? I would migrate it there, if
> you don't object.

urm, i'd rather leave the test where it is, i don't see much point in moving
module specific tests away from their modules.

> Bye,
> Sebastian


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