Re: GtkComboBox design issues

On 20 Nov 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Dan Winship <danw helixcode com> writes: 
> > I think the autocompletion thing may be more of a GtkEntry thing than
> > a GtkComboBox thing. (Using Evolution as an example again, you
> > obviously don't want to have a combo box with a pop-up menu of
> > everyone in your addressbook, but once the user starts typing, you do
> > want to suggest completions.) I think it would be nice to have this
> > functionality be part of GtkEntry, and have GtkComboBox just make the
> > appropriate gtk_entry_ calls on its entry to set completion up to work
> > the way that makes sense for a combo box.
> > 
> Good idea. That sounds like the Right Thing to me. So the text combo
> box just adds the extra dropdown, and causes the entry autocomplete to
> work in terms of the items in the extra dropdown.

This certainly is a very good idea. Should I remove all autocompletion
stuff from the GtkComboBoxText? I also think the GtkComboBoxText will be
more 'maintainable' if we move the autocompletion stuff to the
GtkEntry. So if everybody agrees with it, I'll remove the autocompletion
code from the GtkComboBoxText.


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