Re: parse error

Mikael Hermansson <mikeh bahnhof se> writes:

> in file glib/gfileutils.h 
> line 87:   int     g_file_open_tmp      (const char   *template,

Just fixed this one an hour or two ago.
> in file gtk/gtkentry.h
> line 116:  void (* _delete)           (GtkEntry       *entry,

This needs to be changed to use the same as gtktextview.h 

 delete => delete_from_cursor
 insert => insert_at_cursor
 move => move_cursor

> this gives parsing error when compiling reading headers in a C++
> application because
> "template/delete" is used in C++
> Maybe this is a gcc issue? Shouldn't gcc ignore this when the header file
> is declared as a C file (using extern "C")?

No, extern "C" only affects mangling, not the interpretation
of keywords.

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