Possble problem with g_hash_table_remove() not resizing table


I'm having a problem where a GHashTable doesn't always get resized 
after removing an element. For example if the table size is 100, and
I remove one record, the table size is still 100 rather than 99. 
This only seems to happen when the table values and keys are dynamically
allocated, if the data are static it seems to work fine. I've run this
on a couple of RedHat 6.2 systems and they behave the same. What's really
odd is that the problem doesn't seem to happen on HP-UX 10.20, just the
Linux. This is with glib-1.2.6. Here is the test code I am using:

#include <glib.h>

#define CYCLES 100000

int main(int argc, char **argv)
   GHashTable	    *table;
   int  	    *key;
   int 	    	    *val;
   int	    	    i;
   gpointer 	    ori_key;
   gpointer 	    ori_val;
   int	    	    lkey;
    table = g_hash_table_new(g_int_hash, g_int_equal);
	key = g_new0(int, 1);
	val = g_new0(int, 1);
	*key = i;
	*val = i+2 * 4;
       g_hash_table_insert(table, (gpointer)key, (gpointer)val);
    g_print("Table has %d records\n", g_hash_table_size(table));
	lkey = i;
	if(!g_hash_table_lookup_extended(table, (gpointer)&lkey, &ori_key,
	    g_warning("failed to find value for key %d\n", i);
	g_hash_table_remove(table, (gpointer)&lkey);
    g_print("Table now has %d records\n", g_hash_table_size(table));

I would expect the table size to be zero at the end, instead it is 1208.
Is something wrong or am I doing this wrong?

Darren McClelland

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