Re: GLib with GNU/pth

Hi Teppei,

> > Ok, that is known. But as testgthread.c only is a test prog and that is
> > changed in GLib 1.3, I wont change that. But you simply can't use GLib
> > with GNU/pth. It would need some reworking of GLib (and probably GTK+, not
> > to talk about the applications) to make it work with pth. Patches accepted
> Really? It seems my applications using GTK+1.2.8 (and gtksheet) works fine.
> All GLib test('make check') passed.
> What is the problem?

The problem is, that pth schedules threads in user space. To do this it just
schedules a new thread, whenever a running thread hangs on IO (or explicitly
yields). To get to know, when a program hangs on IO, you have to use special
IO routines from pth(like pth_write, pth_read, pth_select etc.). This means,
that multithreading does not work with GLib/pth, because Glib uses the
standard libc routines (write, read, select). As long as you don't use
multiple threads, everything is fine of course.

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