Re: GdkColormap -> GObject


Thanks, I'll make all those changes.

The lack of a real GdkColormap makes me nervous too; here are some of
the issues:

 - gdk_colormap_new() has to return a GdkXColormap or
   GdkWin32Colormap, to keep backward compatibility

 - right now all the colormap operations are not virtual, so we'd 
   need to add a ton of functions to the class struct, but it 
   isn't really useful for users to override any of these

These same issues apply to GdkDragContext and GdkImage. GdkGC is
already fully virtualized, and Owen and I decided that GdkDrawable
must be fully virtualized for things to work (right now it has some
member variables).

One idea is to have a G_TYPE_NO_DERIVATION flag, which would allow
glib to issue a warning if you try to subclass these types.
This might be a stupid hack, I don't know.

GdkFont is still sort of up in the air, Owen has to do Pango
integration, so I'm going to ignore it for now.

Window/Pixmap are a big mess because the names for the objects are
already taken (GdkWindow must remain a GdkDrawable typedef,
GdkWindowClass is an enumeration, etc.). So I have
GdkWindowObject/GdkWindowObjectClass at the moment.


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