Re: Gdk/Gtk Win32 patch

At 22:26 01.05.00 +0300, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>Hans Breuer writes:
> > Due to recent changes in Gdk (Thu Feb 24 18:11:46 2000  Owen Taylor) 
> > the Win32 part in CVS was slightly broken. 
>Hmm, I would say that it is seriously broken... I am very aware of
>that. I have had a version on my own machine that compiles and builds
>for a long time, I have just been putting off committing it until it
>actually works. But apparently I should have committed anyway whatever
>I had, to avoid you duplicating the work... Sorry.
Maybe I was not clear enough. My patch not only compiles and links,
but it does WORK with the current CVS Gimp without any crash or 
visible cosmetical issues; at least as far as I could test in some
five minutes.

But as noted in the previous mail, I had to disable backing store.

>I will try to combine your patch with what I have, and commit to CVS.

I'm looking forward to it ...
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