Re: GLib on Solaris

On May 3,  8:08am, Max Avramenko wrote:
> Subject: GLib on Solaris
>>>Dear all
>>>I am writing to you because it looks like you're
>>>supporting GLib project and I wanted to ask couple of
>>>questions. I currently built GLib on Solaris 2.5.1
>>>using Sun's 4.2.2 compiler. I had to do a lot of
>>>tweaking to achieve the compilation. In particular
>>>there ar emany places in the code where type
>>>conversion operators are not being used and compiler
>>>refuses to do it implicetly.

Check to see if there's a compiler option in Sun's compiler
to make it accept this.

I personally prefer all casts to be explicitly stated, but that's
_definitely_ not a preference shared by all.


--- David A. Wheeler

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