FYI: strlcpy license - will be under normal LGPL.


As I noted earlier, I'm adding strlcpy()/strlcat() to glib.
The code is under the "new BSD" license, but the original author (Todd Miller)
said it'd be okay to just release it under the LGPL.  I think that can be
done even without his permission, but I feel better getting his
explicit permission.  All he wants is clear credit, which I would do anyway.
I quote:

On May 3,  9:19am, Todd C. Miller wrote:
> Subject: Re: strlcat: doesn't ALWAYS NUL-terminate.
>>>Since you can have code released under different copyrights it may
>>>just be simpler to put the version you are including under the LGPL.
>>>This isn't a big deal to me as long as it clearly states I am the


--- David A. Wheeler

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